A History of the REWARDS Program

A smaller version of our REWARDS program was created perhaps 15+ years ago. When we moved into Craig Bay in 2009, we were excited about the money saving aspects of the program, but soon found that few people knew about it.

People would mention eating at a local restaurant. I'd ask if they received their 15% discount, and their response was simply a quizzical look. What discount?????

The problem was - Craig Bay couldn't promote individual businesses. So the program languished.

I approached the Craig Bay Residents Association (CBRA) and asked if I could promote the businesses as an individual. They not only gave me permission, they asked me to take it over without their involvement. They seemed very happy to get rid of it.

I worked for two years - hundreds of hours, with great enthusiasm, and completely revamped and promoted the program. I was so happy to contribute to the community from my Craig Bay home AND from our winter home in California. I had planned to continue my involvement for a long time.

October, 2017. Eight longstanding Meadow Beach residents were shocked by the actions of the CLC and MB Landscaping committee .

As with any community, there is drama. In order to create a better community, we need to study what went wrong to prevent such events in future. If you have a need to learn more about these particular events to help improve our community - click here.

Or... if this is of little interest and you would rather smile and have a giggle or two, click here for a cat/mountain lion video.

Anyway, we were devastated that our community could betray us in this way, especially leaving those of us so negatively affected out of all discussions. So - I quit managing the REWARDS program.

Two volunteers were found to replace me, but oddly - the CLC felt that two volunteers was inadequate and they essentially quit their advertising and support of the program.

October, 2018 - not wanting my past efforts to be in vain, and grateful for the overwhelming community support over this past year, I have once again taken over the program. BUT with changes. I have purchased the domain www.CBRewards.club and have created this web site which list our participating businesses.

Word of mouth is essential for continued growth. We will do our best to contact new people who move in to Craig Bay and give them a card. Success of the program will depend on the following:

1. Use your card as often as you can. And thank the business owners. Keep the website handy on your phone or tablet - www.CBRewards.club. Remember - that is ".club", not ".com".

2. Tell your friends and neighbors about the REWARDS program. www.CBRewards.club.

3. I'll update the REWARDS program regularly. New people can sign up for updates by sending me an email - kj@easytaichi.com - and I will include them. We have close to 3/4 of Craig Bay residents already signed up.

And that's all she wrote.

Keith Jeffery,
Volunteer REWARDS Coordinator







Air Travel


Auto Sales and Repairs

Bike Sales and Repairs

Clothing and accessories





Health and Spa

House and Home


Office Supplies and Printing

Pet Stores


Security and Home Checks


Transportation - Seniors

Wine and Beer




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