Craig Bay Home Check Service

* 10% off to Craig Bay residents. Licensed and Insured, Craig Bay Home Checks provides a service in the professional manner that you have come to expect.

250-228-3275. Rea Harfield. www.CraigBayHomechecks.com   

Intell Alarm Systems

All discounts below offered with purchase of a 36-month monitoring contract * Free basic alarm system and installation - 2 doors or windows, 1 motion detector, 1 key pad, 1 siren. If house is pre-wired 4 doors or windows, 2 motion detectors, 1 keypad, 1 siren. * 15% off additional upgrades to system * 15% off monthly monitoring on new or most existing systems

Call Jim 250-248-3552

LEAK Detection and Water Shutoff System

* 25% off the full system plus free shipping (a savings of $162.81).

Do you ever worry about your dishwasher flooding, or your fridge water supply leaking, or your washer overflowing while you are sleeping or out of the house? In just minutes you have a water disaster and are looking at a high insurance deductible and months of hassle.

Here is how it works. The Water Screamer System consists of any number of battery operated wireless water sensors (pucks) placed around your house that - if they detect any water - send a wireless signal to a panel that sets of an alarm and closes your main water valve INSTANTLY, shutting off water to your whole house.  If you are out of the house - no worries - your water is shut off and damage is minimized. As well, the panel alarm can possibly be hooked up to your security system.

Visit this page: https://colonydistribution.ca/product-category/water-alarms/flood-screamer-alarm-system/ Here is what you need. 1. The Flood Screamer Wireless Alarm System. 2. Shut Off Valve for the Flood Screamer. 3. Several detection pucks. It should be a simple install for your plumber. You may also need to add a 110 outlet. (My cost for plumbing and electric was $150).

Retail price (including 6 pucks) - $651.25. Craig Bay price = $488.44. Call Joe at 1 (877)-329-4088

Oceanside Home Check

* 15% off to Craig Bay residents. Providing peace of mind while you are away. Alarm systems are not enough. Some insurance policies require regular home checks to keep policies valid.

250-714-2237. www.oceansidehomecheck.com

Qualicum Beach Home Watch

*10% Discount on the first 5 Home Watch Visits and 5% off any additional Visits. 10% Discount on any Additional Service(s) (one time only). Including home waiting, grocery stocking, "welcome home" service, home closing and cleaning, emergency call out and more.

Contact Bill at 250-927-1956. Email - bill@qbhomewatch.com. Web site - www.qbhomewatch.com






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