The REWARDS program is back, and will be better than ever! REWARDS will continue to be run by me (Keith Jeffery) - a private individual running an entity that is an independent Savings Club, with no formal ties to or affiliations with any Craig Bay Community institutions or group. Just a bunch of us Craig Bay residents saving money!

Visit www.CBRewards.club for up-to-date info. Note - it is ".club", not "com". Hey - I even used a large font size so it should be readable even on your phone.

In that the program will not be run through Craig Bay, we will need to self promote and talk it up.

I am open to any suggestions to make this a profitable and user friendly club. And I will do my utmost to create savings for our local residents.

We have power in numbers.

If each home uses the REWARDS card to save just $5 monthly, our community saves almost $30,000 annually

If each home saves $20 monthly, our community saves close to $120,000 annually.

These are significant savings - enough to pay for many of our large community expenses


1. Always confirm that the business you are supporting is still offering the REWARDS discount.

2. Always thank the businesses for their participation.

3. Please ask any business if they are participating. If they are not and want more information, please refer them to me: kj@easytaichi.com

4. If there is confusion, no worries. Let it go and just let me know so I can speak with the business. Often new employees don't have a clue about the REWARDS program.


Restaurants    Accommodation    Air Travel

Art   Auto Sales and Repairs  

Bike Sales and Repairs  

Clothing and accessories

Computer    Counseling    Florist

Golf   Health and Spa    House and Hoe

Miscellaneous    Office Supplies and Printing

Pet Stores     Restaurants

Security and Home Checks

Storage    Transportation - Seniors

Wine and Beer


Keith Jeffery and any representative from All is Well Ventures, Inc. can in no way vouch for the workmanship, competence, safety, scheduling, or financial integrity of any of the above businesses.

We have simply listed local businesses who have offered an incentive to local residents.

All work and all financial transactions will be between the local resident and the businesses. All liability is assumed by participating residents.

All discounts and incentives should be confirmed by the participating business prior to any work being done. Prices for all large projects should be confirmed in writing.







Air Travel


Auto Sales and Repairs

Bike Sales and Repairs

Clothing and accessories





Health and Spa

House and Home


Office Supplies and Printing

Pet Stores


Security and Home Checks


Transportation - Seniors

Wine and Beer




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